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After surgery sliced off an entire tumor and 1/3 of my tongue, plus six weeks of radiation therapy, I've been re-learning how to eat, drink, and talk with my newly re-constructed tongue and coping with side effects. But the cancer came back and I don't know what's going to happen next.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Running out of electrical outlets

James thinks that we might've both caught a cold from someone at the bar Wednesday night. He's been mildly congested since yesterday morning, and I've been a phlegm machine. We were both worried because I started coughing up a little blood yesterday and last night.

Enter: The Nebulizer. It's this little machine that turns medication into vapor so I can inhale it in. It's like an electronic hookah. Dr. Milch (via Marylou) wants me to use it with two types of medicine that they already gave me, all day, at 4 hour intervals. Since there's no pain or fever, and just a little blood, he thinks it's just irritation from coughing.

Leannah, Agnieszka, and Sol stopped by yesterday afternoon for a visit. It was the first time Leannah has seen my apartment. James showed them some of the wedding pictures that Glenn sent over, as well as some shots from the bar that Craig and my cousin Angel took. But even though James did most of the talking, I did enough to tire myself out, and we had to cut the visit short.

The sofa was delivered last night. It's sooooo comfortable. I'm glad James and I decided to buy it. It's our first major purchase from our joint bank account. I'm still concerned about our different taste in basically everything under the sun. At least when we do agree on furnishings, it turns out better than alright.

I hung out at Cole's yesterday afternoon with Ali and Allan for a little while. I needed some quality time with the boys, James could tell. Around dinner time, James called to see how I was doing. For whatever reason, I was a little short of breath on the way to the bar. James thinks it's because it was so windy at street level, so he came down and walked me back home. How great is my husband? So I cooked up some penne and fresh pesto for his dinner. My basil plant has been growing so big, it was time to do something about it. I only wish the pine nuts were fresher.

I have so much hope riding on the next chemo session. This time, I hope it brings down the swelling and stiffness in my tongue so that finally James and I can eat the same meal together. Married life so far as been great. I knew I'd like being a wife. Especially to someone who doesn't mind that I still want to hang out in bars with guys.


Blogger Unknown said...

well said, electronic hookah! i've been groping for this description--caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland?-- since my #2 son started using it.
wishing you well laura....

May 27, 2005 5:40 PM  

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