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After surgery sliced off an entire tumor and 1/3 of my tongue, plus six weeks of radiation therapy, I've been re-learning how to eat, drink, and talk with my newly re-constructed tongue and coping with side effects. But the cancer came back and I don't know what's going to happen next.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Feeling a little better

Spent the morning stretching my jaw. Hellish considering I did very little talking and almost no eating yesterday. I spent some part of yesterday chasing after Gazpacho. I couldn't get a decent photo until I gave up the hunt. That's when she came to me.

I chugged a can of SlimFast for breakfast this morning. Big mistake. Ten minutes later I was doubled over on the floor when what felt like an arctic tidal wave hit my stomach. Then I got up a little too quickly and fell back on my ass from the dizzyness. That's about as wacky as the day got.

I helped James with the final touches on his installation for tonight's show, then had a bowl of tomato soup and hot tea for lunch. Again, I chugged the soup before the tomato broth started stinging. Success! Still hopeful, I stopped by Ralphs so I can make tofu soup with spinach and ginger.

I don't want to be too weak to miss my last zapping tomorrow, so no matter how much it hurts I have to get some food in me tonight.


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